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Musik By On 16 April 2018
🎧💨24/7/420 .HIGH AT WORK RADIO. 💨🎧 BLAZEBUS 🚌 - Stafaband
Title : 🎧💨24/7/420 .HIGH AT WORK RADIO. 💨🎧 BLAZEBUS 🚌
Duration : 00:02:38 Menit
Views : 47,642
Author : R y a n C e l s i u s ° S o u n d s
Source :
BlazeBus turns 1 year old 4.20.2018 ! Happy BlazeDay!
Phonk - lofi hip hop - chill Trap and Experimental Bass Music livestream with visuals mixed by RyanCelsius and friends.

❤️️ TOP Donators 🎧
$!?!?.00 Dirk Diggler
$420.00 Ninja Jeff

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ATTENTION SUBS AND ARTISTS! --- . Please follow me on twitter or soundcloud so I can keep track and submit tracks to [email protected] with 'SUBMISSION' and your name in the subject.
SUBMISSIONS -- Follow @RyanCelsius on twitter

Chat Rules
1. No disrespect
2. No politics / religion / spam / trolls
3. No self promo

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Video Credits:
Portions of this stream are courtesy of Rambalac
Tracklists and music:

▶▶Moderators / Inner Circle ▶▶

▶▶Top Donators:▶▶ #T u n n e l B o i z
$105.00 Imcronk : "Love it" "This is amazing"
$50 joshtubes : "#T u n n e l B o i z love the tunes love the chat moe murda"
$50 bluue_binary "Best audio/visual mixes on YT: lo-fi beats/vapor/trap" Music & visuals (thumbs/gifs/vids/streams) well curated!. love the font craftwork "
$50 Muchabn : "T u n n e l B o i z R e p r e s e n t"
$25+ $20: Tunnel-Boiz4lyfe: "TCharlieA you have started something...."
$5 + $5 + $26 : TCharlieA : "TunnelBoyz 4 Lyfe" "BlazeBus Forever" "I must compete"
$ 3 x 10 - ZACH JAMISON - " honor me"
$25: Bryan Knapp "Loving the creative visuals man."
$20: herb "there is no tracklist it's his soundcloud on random"
$20: POLO-Plays! :"reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
$20: Tchazzla
$15: SnowPoppa "For not only having just the best lofi stream audio and visually but not just feeling it with Simpson memes and not caring. Keep it up."
$15: JakeMarks "Thanks for the chill tunes my dude."
$13.37: UserName "Damson where'd ya find this? !! ~Chat is lit fam~"

$ : Smiley
$ : DHPhotoVideo
$20.00 : bradc58 "Put me on the dam Donator List"

$10: the _accidental_poet
$10: Ashlyn-XnylhsA-Gadow : "cheers"
$10: Jonathan_Simon 'Your stream is perfect for chilling and studying. I've been driving around Japan for hours. KEEP IT UP BRO"
$10: Sottomatic "Freshness. You have the best streams and mixes. Don't stop."
$10: Darrel Bryan
$10: Xnylhsa "feel like i owe you after listening to this stream and ch for a week straight, keep driving"
€8.50 TonioAA: "So so good, sound mostly, video great bonus, Keep it up !! (and no adds is cool, thats why i donate) "
$7: FrankTheTank :
$5: Kirkendall : "You popped up on my recommended. Good stuff! Keep it up."
$5: ASFALT21 :"Absolutely amazing channel, so great for listening to in the background and even when watching a movie or gaming streams, this type of music just works. Favourites are lo-fi rap beats."
$5 : GinsengDoge - "Adam und josh stinken "
$5 : Abs0lutTrah - "Getting out of the Military next week, sending good vibes all"
$5 : Awuwish - "This kind of curation is really great. I rarely find (maybe never have found ...) such a consistent stream of music. Well done."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~420 club~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
$4.20 : Seth Wright #TUNNELBOIZ
$4.20 : Mauricio Portasio
$4.20 x 4 : Negrodamus
$4.20 + $4.20 : TCharlieA: "Wharf Rats Never Die"
$4.20 nunyadangtube : "Thanks so much for the stream"
$4.20 : cwclynes "#blazebus MuchChill"
$4.20 : GraveD1gger - " I listen at work and at home. High or Sober. Night or Day. #blazebus is the one!"
$4.20 : Vorumm - "Been helping me through finals. This is the least I can do."
$4.20 : illhavethemixedvegetables - "thanks for the dope music constantly. big ups, chef."
$4.20 : mellovated : "yo keep on doin you Ryan, you're the best one out here and write the soundtracks for every bump session, smoke session and game session. B L A Z E B U S S T A Y M E L L O V A T E D"
$4.20 : RigG3d : "try to get these mixes on spotify so i have new playlist for high driving in los angeles/orange county ca"
$4.20 : Hunter Killerer - "Keep doing what you're doing."

Bother me on social media things
twitter: @RyanCelsius
IG: @Ryan.Celsius
SnapChat: ryancelsius
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