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Musik By On 27 September 2010
Animasi - Nusantara Fantasy Trailer - Stafaband
Title : Animasi - Nusantara Fantasy Trailer
Duration : 00:02:24 Menit
Views : 64,557
Author : Cycom Cheah
Source :
PLEASE read the description FIRST before making any comments (show more)
NUSANTARA (Final Fantasized version) is my main idea.
I'm a frequent viewer of Gametrailers and After all these years, I realized I've been watching the same old game design/concepts all this time and I got pretty bored.
I mean there are Japanese (samurai warriors, final fantasy,ninjas-naruto), Chinese (kungfu fighters,dynasty warriors), Korean (Magnacarta, Guild wars,Lineage) and mostly Western elements. Why can't they broaden their concepts/references from the great influential Majapahit Empire (Indonesia), Malacca Empire (Malaysia) or what it's called Nusantara (Malaya Archipelago). Nusantara's element is vast, rich and can be looks cool too. I think big games/animation company should consider using these theme and element. It will be awesome if Square Enix (Final Fantasy series) or Blizzard Studio making a video games from it. :D

So I decided to do something creative in my spare time. This is my attempt to make a fantasy animation by mixing up the Nusantara elements, local iconic shapes / comic artists and references from game cinematic treatment. (My goal is to make it looks cool) It's a fictional fantasy story that has nothing to do with histories or religions.

The concepts similar to the high rating animated series Avatar the last AirBender. Instead of traditional Asian (Japan, China, Korea) elements, I picked traditional Nusantara as my main concept to create a new story from it. This is 1st part of the conceptual trailer. If i got the time, I will proceed the 2nd part with more Nusantara's mythical beasts, large scale environment, characters and action scenes.

Sorry, there are no voice over narration (my voice sucks) and the soundtrack might not suitable for this kind of theme. I'm a 3D artist not musician. I will be happy if anyone willing compose me a better soundtrack for free. :D
Lastly, if this animation offended anyone of you, I'm deeply sorry. I'm still have much to learn.
Some people will like it, some people will hate it. Oh well as for me, I "just do it" because I like NUSANTARA. ~peace~

Credit to
Fythullah Hamzah (my inspiration artist)
Nanzo (another inspiration guru)
Mf Ajif Moksin (some references)
Akmal Aziz (for his comments/suggestions)
Mohammad Yazid Kamal Baharin - Hikayat Shah Mardan (references)
Final Fantasy series (I think all artists want to achieve FF level of awesomeness - including me)
MDEC / Al jazeera children's channel (my day job)

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