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Musik By On 18 September 2017
Classical Musicians React: EXID 'Ah Yeah' - Stafaband
Title : Classical Musicians React: EXID 'Ah Yeah'
Duration : 00:11:54 Menit
Views : 689,039
Author : ReacttotheK
Source :
For the 3rd reaction video of the 2nd year of this series, classical music majors react to EXID's 'Ah Yeah' MV

If you're wondering why Yunyi is in this video, it's because I knew the majority of you guys would struggle saying bye to her so suddenly. So when we had a week off last year, I filmed her reaction to whatever MVs/groups she wanted to react to. So you guys will see her once and a while this year ^^

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Video editing by Umu
Intro design by Alex Chen (website:
Thumbnail credit goes to Nozomi Murayama (insta: @nonchanyuzuru) and Umu
Please help with English Subs!


(PD) Umu:
Instagram: @_emcha_
(kpop, mamamoo, bts, vixx) Amino app: Umu @ ReacttotheK

(channel manager & assistant editor) Eric:
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and @Jarod_lau

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Instagram and twitter: @lamusicstudio

twitter: @fiona_stout
Insta: @fionaastout

Fb: Emiel De Jaegher
Insta: @trumpetoats

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs or videos being reacted to in this video. All credits to the companies that own them.

Also, none of us are PROFESSIONAL musicians. So if you come here for a strict breakdown/analysis of the music, you won’t be getting that.This is strictly my conservatory musician friends taking time in their schedule to watch kpop for fun, and throw in any musical comments that come into their mind! Also please do not complain about any "boring" reactions...some of the musicians have blank faces since they are concentrating so deeply on analyzing the music. On top of that, if you think that they aren't commenting enough on the music, it's because nothing is happening IN the music to comment on. It may be "a great song" that they're listening to, but that does not mean there are actual complicated musical things happening that they'd be able to talk about.
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