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Musik By On 19 January 2011
[FMV] KevFany (SNSD & ZE:A) - Stafaband
Title : [FMV] KevFany (SNSD & ZE:A)
Duration : 00:03:58 Menit
Views : 5,992
Author : Katribs97
Source :

Please don't bash! This is directly made for the fans who ship the pair and also this is ZE:A's Kevin not U-Kiss' or anyone else..

OH DARNNNN. :P , It happened again! I really don't like when clips don't cooperate with me. It makes me frusterated! I mean this video was okay too!! until that part at 3:11 ergggg. -slaps self silly- lool.

Isn't KevFany amazing? They are so compatible don't you think? No? D: Well I think so :D , hehe they are both foreign, they have smexy accents, sing well, gullible, fooled/bullied by members, nice bodies, just too perfect!/rants. OH YEAH. AND THE LAST PIC AT THE END. 5 STARS FOR MY FAIL PHOTOSHOP :D

But anywayyssss. It's done! All what you've been waiting for I guess? Hehe next is SiTaeng (Siwan & Taeyeon) I guess. Please be prepared! I think SiTaeng will be really easy to make because they are REALLY popular in their groups and they have lots of clips of theirselves... (which makes it easier) , ahhh and I've found many like things about them already.. (: , ohh and KevFany was JUST TOO HARD TO FIND CLIPS! , even though Fany is popular there are just too many old clips and hardly any new ones.. and the old clips I want are not even on youtube anymore.. SO FRUSTERATING. and as for Kevin he's just underrated (in my opinion) which is amusing because he's just so perfecttttttt. :P

credits: to many who provided these clips such as 9mazeltov, soshisubs, etc. thanks S2

BGM: Perfect Together - Danyo Cummings
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