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Musik By On 23 January 2013
Girls' Generation: A History Part 1 - Stafaband
Title : Girls' Generation: A History Part 1
Duration : 00:06:43 Menit
Views : 159,651
Author : TheSoneSource06
Source :


A fan made film on South Korea's most popular girl group; Girls' Generation. The film will take the audience through their early years in their company, S.M. Entertainment, all the way to present time with their latest Korean album; ''Mr.Mr.''.

Editor's comments:

Part 1 explores the first few steps the girls take in tasting fame. All their hard work towards débuting, all the years in training to become the nation's girl group finally paid off with ''Into The New World''. I decided to use voice overs from the girls to really bring out their feelings and thoughts, adding a more emotional impact on screen.

In the beginning when Tiffany talks about her deceased mother and how she left her with 8 sisters, I really wanted to emphasize that point. I felt that Tiffany truly never lost her mother as all her 8 different characteristics reside inside the other girls. Also, the reason why I chose those particular lines is because of the loss that she felt when her mother left and how she became whole again when she found her in 8 different sisters. This is very important in developing her strength to carry on in life, strong enough to début and become a national star.

During the performance of ''Into The New World'', a woman's voice is heard asking a younger Seohyun whether or not she had practised her homework. Seohyun replied with a yes, claiming that it was difficult because her throat hurt. She continued by saying that the pain went away after a day and she ate a lot of sore throat sweets to recover, giggling. I used this voice over because of how important it was in that if she had not worked so hard, practising even after she was in pain, she may not have even been standing on stage with the other girls. This voice over showed a personality that we're very familiar with now of Seohyun; she is known as the youngest but most mature and dedicated worker with the most optimistic of hearts, a role model to many.

Produced by TheSoneSource©

Edited by: Kazi Mizan-Uz Zaman



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Sandy Ly (French)

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Girls' Generation: A History℗ TheSoneSource©
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