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Musik By On 26 June 2017
Kang Hodong versus The Maknae Line [Round 2] - Stafaband
Title : Kang Hodong versus The Maknae Line [Round 2]
Duration : 00:12:13 Menit
Views : 818,067
Author : heenim 8
Source :
The maknae line was born to make Hodong's life a little challenging😂. If Chiyeul did not leave, Hodong would have had an ally in the maknae line😆. Unfortunately for Hodong he got stuck with the 2 brats who makes it their mission in life to mock him😂😅. lol

Also, omg at the 40k subscribers🙈😭😄😊. Thank you so much😭🙈💙. I may not talk about it but I am extremely grateful for that. I started uploading cause I did not find a clip of Heechul's poem in youtube and I thought that genius trolling deserves to be here. It was never about the channel itself, as long as the videos gets views I don't mind if people subscribe or not😅. But I really appreciate it and I can't thank everyone enough🙏. It's surreal to have a youtube channel with 40k subscribers because I never ever thought I would do that. I don't even use SNS that much. Again, Thank you so much👏😊

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