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Musik By On 05 December 2017
Knowing Bros Moments #happy2ndanniversary 💙👏 - Stafaband
Title : Knowing Bros Moments #happy2ndanniversary 💙👏
Duration : 00:19:45 Menit
Views : 237,936
Author : heenim 8
Source :
This is a belated video cause my internet is insane🙄😒 and JTBC's copyright blocked this 3 times😑. lol😅
They first aired on December 5, 2015.
A program that was so close to being cancelled.
A program no one expected to even reach beyond 20 episodes.
I'm so happy things took on a positive turn.
They deserve the success they have now🤗😭💙.

Anyway, these are just random moments. Some of the clips here are part of future video plans😋.
An update on the videos for:
- divorce
- debt
- attacking the guest
- savage guest (some of the guests' attacks are with each other and not the cast)
- guest moments
- maybe jang sung kyu too🤔

Also future video compilations:
- the waiting list
- the watch
- the cliff (the earliest i know is on ep34. i'll see if there are enough content for this)
- soogeun's mom (i feel like I either miss so many scenes or I'm overestimating the amount of time they talk about his mom😕😩)
- hodong's wife
- stealing janghoon's answer
- acrostic poems
- kiss compilation
- fart compilation (i'm certain that they farted in at least 4 episodes🙈)
- heechul's rumors
- heechul's kim staff (i'll take clips from weekly idol, asfy and sm's league of legends thingy. i'm praying that the copyright is like jtbc's)
- maybe kyunghoon's slapstick or him being ssamgu
- i also want to make a janghoon-heechul part 2 cause they could be dating at this point and no one would be surprised😄.

there are also some theme which i'm not sure if there's enough content like frustrating questions, the fly, lee seunggi.
and i'm not sure if i'll ever do a yoo jaesuk topic😔.

i'll make another individual video for each member and a video about janghoon the basketball legend and hodong the wrestling champion.
next video is gonna be youngchul's english jokes. (i don't know when that will be but hopefully next week, *keyword: hopefully*😅 -fingers crossed-🤞😝)

Such an ambitious video plan. lol. i know what i'll be doing for the holidays then🙈😂😅😆

Charm of Life by Heechul, Shindong, Eunhyuk and Solar:

SJ repackage album streaming project:

Thank You😊🤗💙

Knowing Bros eng sub
Aneun Hyungnim
아는 형님
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