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Musik By On 30 December 2017
Knowing Brother Special part III-a: Guest Moments (part 2) - Stafaband
Title : Knowing Brother Special part III-a: Guest Moments (part 2)
Duration : 00:17:28 Menit
Views : 1,116,534
Author : heenim 8
Source :
I started getting clips at episode 70 and ended at episode 100. I just really don't like uploading long videos cause it has a higher chance of getting blocked. lol. There might be some moments that I had to take out cause of the copyright thing and some episodes I skipped cause the video just got too long.😔😫😄

Anyway, omg at the 91k subscribers😭🤗😫😢😊. Holy shit. I just want to sincerely thank everyone. I know I never talk about subscribers/subscribing but I really am extremely grateful for everyone who subscribe😊💙👏🙈 and also those who just watch the videos - basically everyone who loves Knowing Bros😊. I never intended to actually run a youtube channel. I only wanted to upload that Heechul poem cause there wasn't one in here. Seriously, Thank You.😊💙

Someone commented before that if the channel reaches 100k subscribers I should do a face reveal or Q&A. LOL. Nope😝. I will never do a face reveal cause getting this many views and this many subscriber is giving me anxiety already😅. I really hate being in the spotlight. I also don't want some irl acquaintances to know that it's me. lmao😂😁. I'll just explain why the channel's name is "heenim 8". I'm actually a noob at all things youtube so my stupid ass changed the name of my youtube account in google and in that place, you're required to give a last name for your account. I'm already set to heenim cause that's Heechul's name. I couldn't think of a last name cause I'm unimaginative so I chose a number. I really love the Korean pronunciation for the number 8 - both as "yeodeol" and "pal". The first time I said it, it felt cool😅🙈😆. I also actually like 7 too (both as ilgop and chil) but I know someone with that name😅. So my stupid ass put in 8 as the last name. I realized that you can have a channel name without a last name too late and I really don't want to change now.

Again, thank you everyone and Happy New Year.🎉🎆😊💙

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Also, our Sungminnie now has a youtube channel, please subscribe to him and send him stories at [email protected] It will start on January 2018. Subscribe to uri pumpkin Lee Sungmin😊💙:

Knowing Bros.
Aneun Hyungnim
아는 형님
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