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Musik By On 19 november 2017
Knowing Brother Special part XIV: The Victims of Star King - Stafaband
Title : Knowing Brother Special part XIV: The Victims of Star King
Duration : 00:12:53 Menit
Views : 565,288
Author : heenim 8
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Technically the title should be "the victims of star king/strong heart/x man/love letter/yashimmanman/and all of hodong's other shows.

I hope there won't be people cursing KHD because of this video, I don't wanna slander him. If you watched the episodes, after the whole "confession", they actually say nice things about KHD. And there are a lot of guests that praise and are thankful to him.

Heechul just exaggerates a lot of his stories about Hodong. I've always loved their relationship - how they bicker and one-up each other. I do believe that KHD is one of Heechul's most loved and admired hyung in the industry. He talked very affectionately of KHD in his thanks to in their album 'PLAY' (available now with the title track Black Suit😅😏).

KHD for me is kinda like that "terror" teacher you have in school where all freshmen are afraid of, and all seniors are friends with😋. once you graduate, he'll be the person you're grateful for and the one who becomes your friend as an adult😊

Speaking of past shows, I really hope Strong Heart makes a comeback. Lee Seung-gi is back, Hodong loves doing Strong Heart with him. I just need a Knowing Bros Strong Heart special😭

Please check out BLACK SUIT by Super Junior:

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Thank you😊💙

Knowing Bros
Aneun Hyungnim
아는 형님
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