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Musik By On 08 August 2017
Kpop Idols vs Rude Managers - Stafaband
Title : Kpop Idols vs Rude Managers
Duration : 00:06:18 Menit
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Author : Kpop Corn
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Kpop Idols vs Rude Managers

Disclaimer: not all videos are managers being rude, some made fans upset while others crossed the line. The video will mention which was rude and which could just be a misunderstanding. These videos range from 2009 - 2017. It's important to notes some of these groups share the same manager (from the same company) so it may seem like a lot of managers are like this but that's not the case. Also in some cases the company's have either apologies for the managers action or have fired them.
Some time the managers aren't at fault, fans can also be rude as shown in my pervious video
Kpop vs rude fans :
'Kpop vs' playlist:

Intro and outro song: AOA - excuse me

Music provided by Frequency.
Track: Seico - My Way

EXO's manager
Exo manager smacked a girl who was taking a photo of the member causing her glasses to fall. Later you see Tao looking back possibly to check if she's ok. While it's not mentioned in the video, Exo manager was once fined $936 for injuring a fan

Girls generation's security guard
It was once rumoured that SNSD bodyguard mistook Jessica for a fan and slammed her against a handrail. On the same day one of the security guard pulled a fan way causing him to fall.

I.O.I's manager
This video got a lot of attention which shows the manager yelling at one of the member to quickly go in the car.

CNBLUE's manager
As the members were coming out of the car the fans started blocking their way which resulted in the manager hitting one of them. This happened in 2010 in music bank.

NCT's security guard
The fans were crowding around the members blocking their pathway and security guard aggressively pushed fans away.

EXO's manager
A fan tries to give kris a letter but the manager slaps his/her hand away

Shinee's manager
Back in 2009, shinee's manager hit a fan causing her to fall. You can also see the members looking uncomfortable.

BTS's manager
A video was realised of BTS manager making a gesture to hit him, you can see jungkook flinching by his actions.

Cosmic girls' manager
Member Seolah has a serious phobia of water/swimming when she finds out their shooting underwater she begs her mangers to not let her do it, but he didn't take her seriously this upset fans.

Red Velvet's manager
While the member were nice to the fans and happy to see them the manager wasn't. He kept saying get out the way starting cursing fans. This come as a surprise considering how respectful the fans were nor did the members feel bothered by the fans.

Girls generation's manager
At a football tournament SNSD's manager grabbed a fans phone and smashed it.

EXO's manager
A fan reaches out for the member causing the manager to slaps her hand away

Pledis girls/Seventeen's manager
Fans wouldn't step back so the manager started taking photos of them. Typically he's doing what they do so is it really rude?

Pristin's manager
Pristin's manager angers fans with unnecessary skinship

EXO's manager
The manager slaps a fans head when she gets in the way

Gfriend's manager
Despite this not being rude or an issue some fans got upset claiming gfriends manager is too touchy.

Girls generation's manager (not rude)
The manager yelling (not in a anger nor was he disrespectful) yoona playfully slapped his hand

To end on a more positive vibe here are some manger taking away food from idols, this might just be so idols don't waste time eating or just a safety precaution... who knows but it's better them some of those other managers

I.O.I's manager
DIA Jung Chae yeon won't let go of her food, the managers/staff try take it off her

monsta x manager
Manager takes gift or card off hyungwon

VIXX manager
Manager take food off Ken

WJSN's manager
Manager takes food off Luda

I DO NOT own any photo/video & audio in this video
No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment Purposes Only.
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