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Musik By On 16 May 2018
old kpop fans, this is what you missed (read desc!) - Stafaband
Title : old kpop fans, this is what you missed (read desc!)
Duration : 00:06:19 Menit
Views : 459,426
Author : 927th
Source :
i have so many pd101 clips it’s like a pd101 highlight reel
edit 1: also! by the way i know most of these clips are new it's just a way for me to put kpop videos i thought were iconic with a popular title lmao
edit 2: i changed the title to make it more relevant and so it’s less...clickbaity 🤔🤔
edit 3: okay just to clear things up the video was named “new kpop fans, this is...” just to hop on the bandwagon of iconic kpop videos and i didn’t expect anyone to actually watch it so i didn’t really mind it; now the title is “old kpop fans, this is...” to actually sorta relate to the content. basically meant for old kpop fans that stopped watching kpop who returned back to kpop, hope that clears things up a lil bit!
edit 4:
the title isn’t meant to be taken really seriously, it isn’t really meant to like actually inform people what they missed, more like a little highlight of kpop clips from the new generation like a lot of “here’s what you missed” videos sjsksjjsklsksms
edit 5:
sorry if that came of as passive aggressive lol oops
edit 6:
timeline uhh
1. title was “new kpop fans this is what you missed”
2. changed title to “old kpop fans this...”
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