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Musik By On 01 February 2016
TaengSic duet [30 MINUTE MIX] from [bilibili] TAEYEON X JESSICA FOREVER AND EVER - Stafaband
Title : TaengSic duet [30 MINUTE MIX] from [bilibili] TAEYEON X JESSICA FOREVER AND EVER
Duration : 00:29:35 Menit
Views : 36,899
Author : L Y R I L L
Source :
22:48 is the climax of course, I mean prolly the earliest known 2 duets by taesica (pretty sure that was 2007 lol was last year in junior high school for me)
(The greatest love of all + If I ain't got you)

which you can also find here (low res)

or individually (higher res than that)

only singing stuff, no kawaii moments off reality shows and shit . it's got a bunch of edited shit that mesh their faces together so that's cool, not sure if that's ALL done by this uploader(mgkv_DiTempo) but there are def a bunch of other parts that are simply taken/ edited or copy pasted from elsewhere, some stuff you can find on youtube as well but if you got 30 minute to spare you don't need to click individual videos or go for a playlist or something


CAN'T FIND ON YOUTUBE SO SHARING, RELATIVELY NEW VID BUT PROLLY THE MOST POPULAR TS VID ON BILIBILI (30k views but over 3k Bullet Curtains (floating comments on screen like soundcloud but for videos/streams) ) comments was also uploaded to youku but got only 2k views and 10 comments

edit: almost 15k views, although sm entertainment obviously grabbed the copyright automatically detection, still appreciate the enthusiam I am sure everyone watching this would appreciate that you are not alone in some nostalgia of the past, and to the 5 dislikes well, that's just going to happen when most videos reach a certain amount of views unfortunately but maintaining 100+ ratio down the road is pretty good
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