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Musik By On 09 December 2015
Top 10 Best K-Pop Debut Songs (Updated): Your Votes Decided! - Stafaband
Title : Top 10 Best K-Pop Debut Songs (Updated): Your Votes Decided!
Duration : 00:13:24 Menit
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Author : DareDB KPop
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So for the first time ever, I decided to update an old Top 10 video of mine. 3 and a half years after I made the original one, here we are with an updated video from new voting results. It's interesting to see how fans have come and gone from K-Pop and which songs have stood the test of time in just a few years. These results are not exactly to my personal taste but they are mostly expected with a few surprises. I decided to build this entire video from scratch. Commenters on my original video told me that it was the worst edited video they've ever seen and that I should stop making videos. So I decided to make a brand new video with my new video editing program just to prove those haters wrong. Enjoy!

So I had intentions to do a video on Top 10 K-Pop Debut Songs That Should've Been #1, but after seeing the results here, that video did not need to be made after all. Another idea was to split by the years, but again, the results showed one song from every year except 2011 (which got no love) and 2012 (which had 3!), but mostly stayed pretty balanced.

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Live Performance Songs and Artists Include: (Alphabetically)
2NE1 / 투애니원 - Fire - 2 things either went wrong: 1. I lost a lot more YG subscribers over time (or the balance has shifted more). 2. 2NE1's fanbase is not the same anymore and/or K-Pop fans are against them more. Because I complained about their placing in my original video and now they're even at a worse placing here. Shame. Shame. Because I really do think this song deserves a high placing.
Ailee / 에일리 - Heaven
B.A.P / 비에이피 - Warrior / 워리어
BTS / Bangtan Boys / 방탄소년단 - No More Dream - Hmm... as much as I love BTS now and their current promotional music, I really don't like this debut. Mainly because I can never get on board with wannabe gansters, haha. Just not believable to me. Especially in the realm of K-Pop and everything being glammed up and sugar coated.
Girls’ Generation / SNSD / 소녀시대 / 少女時代 - Into the New World / 다시 만난 세계 - They certainly had a big jump here compared to my last video. I did actually think this deserved to be higher last time and so here we go.
Infinite / 인피니트 - Come Back Again / 다시돌아와 - Still like this song. Really set the bar high for crisp synchronization.
MAMAMOO / 마마무 - Mr. Ambiguous / Mr.애매모호 - It may come as a surprise to you, but this was the first time I heard this song, haha. It's alright, but I do think this is still one of the more refreshing debuts after all we've gotten over the years. I prefer "Piano Man" over this one though.
NU'EST / NUEST / 뉴이스트 - Face / 페이스 - Another major jump here. I feel it's because over time, people have realized that this song was quite a good debut song. I don't know what it is with Pledis though. Their groups debut so well and then all of a sudden they just fall off.
Seventeen / 세븐틴 - Adore U / 아낀다 - Yeah, I can't get on board with cute boy image stuff. I question if this would actually be able to stand the test of time. This is the most recent song on this video and I wonder if I was to do this video in 3 years, if it would even make the Top 10 again (like a certain other group who was in the last video at a very high placing and is not here now...). I personally doubt it.
SHINee / 샤이니 - Replay / Noona You Are So Pretty / 누난 너무 예뻐 - As much as I love SHINee, I just never cared for this song. Something about young freshly post-pubescent boys singing about a hot older girl just doesn't do it for me, haha.

Honorable Mentions:
100% - Bad Boy - I personally really like this song. They, too, are quite skilled at synchronized dancing.
G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better - A solid song. (And currently the only song I like by her)
Lee Jung Hyun - Wa - This video needed an oldie and this was quite big. It's still one of Korea's most iconic K-Pop songs, and I love it.


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