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Musik By On 18 March 2018
[Tribute] Classical Musicians React: Jonghyun 'End of A Day' vs 'She Is' - Stafaband
Title : [Tribute] Classical Musicians React: Jonghyun 'End of A Day' vs 'She Is'
Duration : 00:33:19 Menit
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Author : ReacttotheK
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For the 32nd reaction video of season 2 of this series, classical music majors react to Jonghyun's 'End of A Day' MV vs 'She Is' MV.

This reaction video was posted as unlisted for 3 months because of Shawol's requests on my social media sites.

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The piece that begins and ends this video is David Maslanka’s ‘Traveler’ for Wind Ensemble.

He dedicated this piece to his friend who was retiring from his music directing job. He said, “the inspiration for writing this piece was from the feeling of a big life movement as I contemplated my friend’s retirement. We tend to think of retirement as “the end,” and the last stage of life as an unhappy decline of body, mind, and potentials. By contrast, in meditation, I saw my friend as a traveler, not only through this life, but from life to life. The end of this life is not “the end,” but the gathering of the soul for the next step of an infinite journey.”

If you listen to the full piece, it begins with an “assertive statement of the chorale melody “Nicht so traurig, nicht so sehr” (“Not so sad, not so much”). The chorale was not chosen for its title, although in retrospect it seems quite appropriate.”

In this video, I featured the very ending of his piece where both the music and “life” is coming to an end. Maslanka also said, “The last part of life need not be sad. It is an accumulation of all that has gone before, and a powerful projection into the future – the potential for a tremendous gift of life and joy. And so the music begins with energy and movement, depicting an engaged life in full stride. At the halfway point, a meditative quiet settles in. Life’s battles are largely done; the soul is preparing for its next big step.”

I think this is the perfect piece to let both sad and happy tears out while listening. Something has come to an end, but also, we can hope that he’s in a better place now. He has blessed us with so many amazing gifts during his life...his music, his artistry, his activism, etc.

I think the ending of ‘Traveler’ is so bittersweet. The melody is both melancholy and gently reassuring. When I listen to this song, I feel like I can shut my eyes and cry a mixture of sad and happy tears and reflect on the ups and downs of life and let everything out. I hope you are able to experience this piece in the same way I do.

“In our hearts, our minds, our souls
We travel from life to life to life
In time and eternity.” -David Maslanka

A link to the full version of Traveler, performed by North Texas Wind Ensemble:


*DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs or videos being reacted to in this video. All credits to the companies that own them.
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